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Your customer is the centre of our focus.

If something has an impact on them, changes their behaviour or stimulates conversation, we’re on it.


Perhaps not unexpected, Kaffeine was conceived in a coffee shop. Surprisingly, however, is that we’re born out of an unlikely alliance. A brand father and direct marketing mother. Two specialists in their own right, uniting two disciplines often pulling in different directions. Joining forces to bring brands and customers closer together.


This collaboration changed the way we look at everything. Defining a new way. Or maybe re-inventing an old way. We still put your customer at the centre of our world, but we’ve added a healthy dose of science to make your relationship with them so much more focussed. More personal. More effective. More relevant. And, ultimately, more engaging.


Today, customers are bombarded with choice. And this puts the power in their hands. They want convenience, great service, a company that truly understands them. So, you have to make it easy for them to choose you, which can be a challenge when faced with less time, smaller budgets and fewer team members. That’s why it’s so vital to work smarter than ever. And that’s where we come in. We’re small, agile and independent, allowing us to adapt quickly and make sure you are always relevant to your customer.


Sure, we’re a bit nerdy. We embrace science, best practice and the latest technology. And we love, love, love data. Not because data is the new cool. Because we’re curious. We want to understand what works for your customer and what doesn’t.


But most of all, we love uncompromising creativity. Smart creativity that turns heads. Gets noticed. That drives an emotional response. And, most importantly, creativity that sells. That makes a difference to your bottom line. Our reputation depends on it.


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To some, Customer Relationship Management is about the communications to the customer and the technical platform that enables this. To others it’s about the customer experience.


To us, it’s all of this and so much more. It’s about getting to know your customer. Gaining their trust. Nurturing a relationship. Because that is how you engage your customer and increase their lifetime value.


Want to grow their loyalty? We’ll help you find a way to reward and thank them. Don’t know where they are? We can help you identify them too. We believe that true loyalty starts by not only matching your brand’s needs to those of your customer, but by also understanding their affinity to your brand.


It’s not ‘Dear Customer’. It’s ‘Hello Trevor’.


Trevor always comes first in everything we do, and we keep it this way by applying three vital principles:



Keep it real


Whether you have data available or we need to help you grow and develop it, we’ll use it to understand Trevor – what his habits are, what moves him, and what the best time and channels are through which to talk to him.

Keep it simple


If you don’t understand it, Trevor certainly won’t

Keep it feasible


What gets measured gets done. We work with clear objectives to turn strategy into action.


You don’t close a sale, you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise.”


Patricia Fripp, Author and Professional Keynote Speaker



We use science as our swizzle stick.


But what really packs the punch is the fact that we treat people like real people rather than just a target market. And we use engaging, creative work to talk TO them, not AT them. Because why talk to the wind when you can talk directly, and personally, to the most important person to your business – your customer?




It’s at the heart of our business – whether it’s with your customers, you, our partners, our employees, or the industry at large. We always look for the human insight behind the numbers, so we can have relevant and honest conversations that earn mutual trust and grow real relationships.




We love results – who doesn’t? And we don’t wait for it; we go find it. We find it in the insights that we extract meticulously from any and all results. Then we use it to create work that changes behaviour. We test the new results. Learn more. Adapt. Increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts. Test again. Change more customers’ behaviour. Reach your goals.




We care about the long-term: for our people, your people, your brand, our community and the environment. This leads us to sustainable solutions that make the most of resources – from skills, time and supplies to budgets.

Because that’s what everything we do is all about.
Real people. So, we test. We learn. We always improve.

Digital and Direct


We come up with creative solutions. For everything. Want a quick promotion? Do something different? A change of pace? Get noticed? Or something as simple as a newsletter? We do cool, creative stuff that drives response, and drives traffic into your store. We know. Because we’ll measure it.


And we have the ability to do it across any and all channels – digital, mobile, social, print or, frankly, wherever your customers are. We’ll find them and charm their pants off. Great ideas that trigger response and stimulate behaviour know no limits.



Consumer Insights


What is it that they want? And where do they want it? When you have the answers, you can keep them coming back for more. So, we don’t make decisions hidden away in a boardroom. We base it on real experiments with tangible results.


  • Analytics – We measure everything, from sales data to campaign efficiency.
  • Segmentation – We focus your marketing budget where it hits the hardest.
  • Research – We find out what your customers do – but also why they do it.

Consumer Engagement


A relationship is an investment. And the longer you invest, the bigger your returns are. Let us help you woo your audience into a second, third and many more dates.



Attract new customers, increase customer retention and grow their lifetime value. It can be all encompassing, from conceptualisation to in-life management, like we did with Levi’s® Loop Rewards. Or you can test the waters with a Surprise-and-Delight campaign, or some engaging content that gets people talking.



In a world where millions of brands are clamouring for attention, word of mouth is still the most impactful weapon you can have in your arsenal. It drives preference of your brand through a trusted source. Zolani trusts her friend Trevor more than she trusts a faceless radio ad. We’ll help you turn Trevor into a brand advocate by helping you find what generates that positive word of mouth. We’ve already done it for Johnson & Johnson through their Pharmacy Academy with great success.


Employee Engagement

“If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers.”
Sir Richard Branson

Your employee is a critical stakeholder. So, start from the inside out. Motivate them. Make them fall in love with your brand. Engage your employees and you’ll see a significant uplift in customer affinity. In fact, this has been proven to add to bottom line improvement.


Trade Relationship

Turn resellers of your brand into retellers of your brand story. Enable them to become influencers and drive customer engagement. How? Understand them, engage them and give them a reason to believe by adding value for them and your customer. We’ll help you create a customised campaign programme that does exactly this.


And we’re ready with a box of matches. These aren’t our clients – they’re our partners. We work together to break new ground, reach consumers in innovative and engaging ways and disrupt the status quo with creative work that inspires participation.

NB: No specific campaign results are divulged on our site, as we respect the privacy of our clients.


Considering the amount of individual experience that resides within our team, we’ve sure put in the hours. Here are some of the exciting brands and campaigns our team members have worked on across industries and across the globe:

Lucky Strike

British American Tobacco’s Lucky Strike plays across numerous markets, all with distinct, individual considerations. One of our team members was responsible for leading the brand teams across 78 markets to align the global brand strategy and creative positioning, covering everything from business strategies to new product launches, campaigns and packaging, to marketing and retail strategy, and trade and consumer engagement approaches; as well as understanding how digital can be leveraged under increasing legislative restrictions.


Few brands enjoy such a loyal and passionate global following as adidas. So, when adidas South Africa was looking to engage their fans, not just any CRM programme would do. 3Stripes was born, which integrated social media and web content, newsletters and promotional drives, events and in-store alignment – all designed to provide adidas customers with the content they want in the easiest possible way. Our current senior creative team were the creative driving force behind this programme, which won a Silver Assegai Award for Best CRM Programme in 2014.

Marvel Mobile

Marvel developed and launched Marvel Mobile across Europe via WAP and i-mode sites, both on and off operator portals. Each site directly sold a wide variety of Marvel content, like Spiderman games in line with the movie release, utilising both subscription and pay-as-you-go business models. The Marketing Manager, who was also tasked with developing direct-to-consumer opportunities, now makes sure that our clients and their customers walk hand in hand.

Sky UK Limited

In order to reduce customer churn – especially vital in the PayTV industry – Sky UK Limited used data insights to create successful turnaround and win-back strategies, focusing on both a Cost Per Action basis and overall customer lifetime value. This led to optimisation of communications, new product proposition development and changes to enhance the best point of contact. One of the members of their Customer Marketing team that was responsible for around 180 000 re-instated subscriptions per year, keeping churn percentage in-line with targets and delivering net growth from older lapsed customers, now applies her expertise to our customer programmes.


Operating in almost 80 countries globally, BP is the world's sixth-largest oil and gas company, the sixth-largest energy company by market capitalisation and the company with the world's fifth-largest revenue. One of the current Kaffeine frontrunners was involved in developing and executing employee engagement programmes, trade incentive initiatives, brand activations, competitions and promotions for BP Express Shops and Forecourts. Mobile technology was a major driver in the activation space, enabling them to use the data gathered to segment audiences by location, and to run extensive cross- and up-sell initiatives to increase basket size. Direct marketing channels (mail and SMS) were also used to geo-target for new site openings.

Capitec Bank

Capitec Bank offers a simplified banking service to individuals using a web-based operating platform, with outlets in rural as well as urban environments offering retail banking solutions in the particular language of the area. A senior team member now at Kaffeine helped develop strategies for driving acquistions by way of bespoke activation kits that facilitated real time account signups on the spot, plus a national brand ambassador strategy that included training and certification. They developed a narrative that disrupted the SA banking arena – quite a task given the regulated market environment and ASASA restrictions. Coupled with the honest, no-frills product offering, Capitec Bank’s approach to brand activations was unique at the time, going into locations no other banks had before – a part of their strategy to differentiate them from the start.


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